6/5/2014 - Sunshine Selected for Solid Waste Services

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For Immediate Release
June 5, 2014


Sunshine Selected for Solid Waste Services in Spokane Valley


SPOKANE VALLEY, WA --- After reviewing a revised rate estimate and request for postponement presented by Spokane County, Spokane Valley’s City Councilmembers unanimously reaffirmed their selection of Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. for providing solid waste transfer, transport and disposal services in the city.  Sunshine has operated a transfer station in Spokane Valley since 1983, in addition to commercial and industrial solid waste collection, and recycling.


“This is a hard decision because we have a good relationship with Spokane County,” said Spokane Valley Mayor Dean Grafos, acknowledging the City’s fourteen successful collaborations with the County, which he described as “an important partner.”


Explaining his vote in favor of a contract with Sunshine over the County’s proposed Interlocal Agreement for Solid Waste Services, Grafos said, “Signing this long-term contract with the private vendor is in the best interests of the citizens.” In addition to providing guaranteed rates and control over solid waste system performance, the contract meets the City’s goals for solid waste services that are affordable, sustainable and environmentally responsible.


Contracting with the private sector is also consistent with the City’s practices for minimizing the cost of city government while securing the most affordable and cost effective services for citizens.  City officials estimate savings of about $250,000 for Spokane Valley citizens in just the first year of the contract. 


Signed yesterday by City Manager Mike Jackson and Sunshine’s owner, Marc Torre, the contract is the culmination of efforts that began three years ago when the expiring Spokane Regional Solid Waste System Interlocal Agreement was extended to November 16, 2014.  The Sunshine contract provides all the same solid waste services as the existing Interlocal Agreement including transfer, transport and disposal of trash, organics/green waste, recycling, household hazardous waste, and appliances.  It also lets those who prefer hauling their own trash to continue doing so.


Because the contract does not involve curbside pickup of solid waste services, most Spokane Valley residents will not see any differences once the services start under new contract on November 17, 2014.   After that date, those who haul their own trash/yard waste will use Sunshine’s transfer station at 2405 N. University Road instead of the Sullivan Road transfer station.  The Sunshine transfer station will be open seven days a week from 7:30am until 5:00pm excluding selected holidays (same as current schedule at Sullivan transfer station). 


The minimum disposal fee at the Sunshine transfer station will be $15.20 and is slightly less than the current fee of $15.23 at the Sullivan Road transfer station.  Tipping fees for large loads will be $98.15 per ton compared to the current tipping fee of $104.59 per ton.  And the new yard waste disposal fee will be $50.00 per ton as opposed to the current rate of $47.00 per ton.  Community members who haul their own trash/yard waste can maximize their savings by hauling larger and fewer loads. 


Other key terms are outlined in the May 20 Council presentation that includes a side-by-side comparison of the Sunshine contract and the Interlocal Agreement originally proposed by the County.  A copy of that presentation is available on the City’s website at www.spokanevalley.org/solidwasteas is a copy of the County’s June 3 letter with the revised estimated rates.  Copies are also available for review at City Hall, 11707 E. Sprague Avenue, Suite 106. 


The contract with Sunshine is for a term of ten years with two 3-year extensions upon mutual agreement between the City of Spokane Valley and Sunshine Recycling, Inc.