12/14/2012 - There's no time like snow time

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December 14, 2012


There’s No Time Like Snow Time


SPOKANE VALLEY, WA--- It’s snow time in Spokane Valley, even though it’s been a bit skimpy so far.  Still, it’s the perfect time to find out what to expect from your Spokane Valley Public Works Department’s winter operations crew. 

            To help keep traffic moving, snow plowing and deicing in Spokane Valley are conducted on a prioritized basis.  Heavily used primary and secondary arterials, as well as potentially slippery hillsides are the top three priorities.  Less traveled residential roadways, the fourth priority, are addressed based on conditions and impact on traffic movement. 

            You may have already seen deicing equipment out on our roadways.  That’s because deicing activities usually begin whenever snow, ice or frost is predicted.  Liquid deicer is usually applied first to bridges, arterial intersections and hillsides.  If small amounts of snow start to stick, granular deicer or sand may be applied at those locations and occasionally on arterials if needed. 

            In residential areas, deicer is typically applied in hillside areas, near schools and at problem areas.  Crews also work with the Spokane Valley Police Department to identify problem areas that may need to be addressed.

            If only a small amount of snow (about one to three inches) has accumulated, snow plowing will be limited with particular attention to problem areas and hillsides.  Typically, full plowing activities will occur on primary and secondary arterials as well as hillsides when snow exceeds four inches, with roadways addressed according to the priorities outlined above. 

            Residential roadways on the valley floor will be considered for plowing when traffic flow is inhibited.  If the decision is made to do a citywide plowing of residential streets, it typically takes about 48 hours to complete.

            Now that you know what to expect when it comes to plowing, it’s also a good time to make sure you have the snow/ice removal equipment and supplies you’ll need to clear ice and snow from your sidewalks, driveways, and mailbox access areas.  If you use a snow removal service, you might be able to save a headache or two by getting on their list now, before snow gets heavy and their schedules fill up. 

            Copies of Spokane Valley’s snow plowing and deicing information, as well as a map of Snow Plowing and Deicing priorities, are available on the City website at www.spokanevalley.org by selecting the SnowInfo icon just above the City News section.  Copies of the Snow Removal information brochure are also available at:

·         CenterPlace Regional Event Center

·         Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

·         Spokane Valley Fire Department stations

·         Spokane Valley Library

·         Spokane Valley Partners

·         Spokane Valley Police Precinct

·         City of Spokane Valley Permit Center

·         City of Spokane Valley City Hall

            Whenever winter operations are under way in Spokane Valley, SnowInfo updates are available that let you know when and where snow plowing and deicing will occur.  These are the same updates provided to local media, and that thousands rely on to help plan their daily commute in winter weather.

            You can subscribe to receive emailed SnowInfo updates by going to our website at www.spokanevalley.org and selecting the envelope icon at the lower left corner of the home page.  You can also hear recorded SnowInfo updates by calling 720-5311 any time of day or night. 

            For more information, call 720-5411 or email cbranch@spokanevalley.org.






City of Spokane Valley Snow Operations

·         Street Superintendent monitors weather reports and directs crew activities

·         Personnel

o   5 City staff members

o   Additional contracted operators as needed

·         Equipment

o   6 Plow/Sander Trucks

o   3 Plow/Deicer Trucks

o   Additional contracted equipment as needed. 


Report Snow Plowing/Deicing concerns

Online:  Go to www.spokanevalley.org and select the “Report a Problem” link

By Phone:  509-921-1000