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The City of Spokane Valley is committed to providing community members with the most affordable, sustainable, and environmentally responsible solid waste services.

Along with other municipalities in Spokane County, the City currently is part of an interlocal agreement for solid waste transfer, transport and disposal with the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System.  That agreement expires on November 16, 2014. 

The City Council has selected Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. (Sunshine) to provide solid waste transfer, transport and disposal services beginning November 17, 2014.  (See "Solid Waste Services" and "Transfer Station Rates" below.)

New Location, Same Services

See"Solid Waste Services - Effective November 17, 2014" below,
Read FAQs and Rate Information here and watch your mailbox for the October issue of Spokane Valley's HotTopic community newsletter with all the details!

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Solid Waste Services (Effective November 17, 2014)

The City of Spokane Valley has entered into a contract with Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. to provide the city's solid waste transfer, transportation and disposal services effective November 17, 2014.  The contract will provide those services at known rates with scheduled increases at rates below inflation, along with the ability to control solid waste system performance.

  • Transfer station services provided by Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. will be the same as those currently provided at the Sullivan Road Transfer Station, including regular household waste, organics/green waste, recycling, moderate risk household hazardous waste, construction/demolition waste.  (see Transfer Station Services and Rates below.)
  •  Residential curbside pickup will not change.  Waste Management, Inc. will continue providing residential curbside trash pickup for those who wish to subscribe.
  • Curbside trash pickup remains optional.
  • Community members may still haul their own trash/waste, recycling, and clean green/organics to the transfer station.  (see Transfer Station Services and Rates below.)
  • Starting November 17, 2014, community members who haul their own waste, recycling, or clean green/organics will do so at the Sunshine Transfer and Recycling Station at 2405 N. University.  (Until then, continue using the Sullivan Road Transfer Station.)

Transfer Station Services and Rates

Services provided at the Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. Transfer Station, 2405 N. University, after November 17, 2014, will be the same as those that are currently provided at the Sullivan Transfer Station.  Services and rates are as follows:

  • Regular household waste - $98.15 per ton* with $15.20 minimum charge** per visit
    (*$94.75 +tax;  **$14.76 +tax)
  • Organics/clean green waste - $50.00 per ton with $10.00 minimum charge per visit
  • Sorted recyclables, including papers, plastics, metals and glass - Free
  • Construction/demolition waste - $98.15 per ton* with $15.20 minimum charge** per visit
    (*$94.75 +tax; **$14.76 +tax)
  • Moderate risk household hazardous waste - Free
  • Additional fees may apply for other acceptable Special Waste such as tires, white goods/appliances, and other waste materials that may require special handling and management.

Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP)

Comment on the Draft Solid Waste Management Plan here... 

In preparation for the change to a City-managed solid waste system with Sunshine and as required by Washington State law, the City of Spokane Valley has developed a Preliminary Draft of its Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) outlining its plans for managing solid waste within the city. 

The SWMP is the guiding document outlining overall goals and policies for responsibly managing the city's solid waste after the interlocal agreement expires on November 16, 2014.  In addition to solid waste transfer/transport/disposal, the plan outlines promotion of recycling, composting, and other waste reduction activities.

Share your comments on the Preliminary Draft SWMP

Community members are also invited to review the Preliminary Draft SWMP online and share their comments with us by Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  Comments can be made online at, by email to, or may be sent to:

         City of Spokane Valley Public Works Department
         SWMP Comments
         11707 E. Sprague Avenue, Suite 106
         Spokane Valley, WA  99206

Comments will also be accepted by phone at 509-720-5008.

Additional information:

Read the contract with Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. for solid waste services. 

June 5, 2014  Read the media release "Sunshine Selected for Solid Waste in Spokane Valley

June 3, 2014  View webstream of Jun 3 Council meeting with discussion of solid waste options (Select Agenda Item 2:  Solid Waste Transfer, Disposal Final Agreement)

June 3, 2014  Read Spokane County's letter with updated proposal and request for time extension

May 20, 2014 Read the comparison of solid waste transfer, transport and disposal options (Sunshine Recyclers, Inc. and Spokane County) 

May 20, 2014 Watch the videotape of the presentation of options to Council on May 20.  (select Agenda item 5a. Solid Waste Update.  

If you have any questions, please contact Public Works Director Eric Guth at (509) 720-5000 or

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