Business Registration and Licensing

City Business Registration

Spokane Valley Municipal Code Title 5.05 requires every person engaged in business or continuing business during the calendar year, to annually register with the City. City business registration is provided through the State Business Licensing Service (see information under State Business Licensing below). You may license and register your business online, or at City Hall. 

Current listing of Washington State licensed businesses in Spokane Valley can be viewed here. (Note: This listing is downloaded directly from Washington State Department of Licensing on a regular basis; however, we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the listing received.)

Annual City Business Registration Fees

General License $13.00/year (Note: State Business License fees apply.) 
Non-profit License $ 3.00/year

City Business Registration Exemptions

Those exempt from adhering to the business registration requirement include:
  • Persons who deliver newspapers and periodicals
  • Persons who solicit orders from retail establishments via the telephone, internet or mail for the delivery and sale of goods, wares and merchandise unless the person’s place of business is located within the City
  • Minors engaged in babysitting
  • The casual sale of items of personal property where the person conducting such sale is not regularly engaged in the business of selling items of personal property (Ex.: garage sales, service agency bake sales)
  • Sales by farmers or gardeners of their own farm products raised and grown exclusively upon lands owned or occupied by them
  • Providers of internet or wireless phone services where the provider operates from premises located outside the City and the only event occurring within the City is receipt of such goods and services; and
  • Temporary craft booths and food booths lasting ten (10) days or less in any one location.

State Business Licensing

Through the State Business Licensing Service, new business applicants can apply for and renew their City business registration and most of their State business licenses all at the same time using just one application form. If you have questions about this program, we urge you to contact the Business Licensing Service at (800) 451-7985, or via e-mail at


Annual City Business Registration and State Business License renewals are also provided through the State Business Licensing Service. Renewals may be submitted online or at City Hall. 

Alarm System Registration

The City of Spokane Valley requires registration of alarm systems to reduce false alarms and help recover costs of responding to them. Register your alarm system through our False Alarm Reduction Program provider, Crywolf.


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