Human Resources Department


In support of the City's community values,
the Human Resources Department:

  • Promotes an environment that supports the home and family, and job education opportunities.
  • Encourages citizens of Spokane Valley and their government to look to the future beyond the present generation and to bring such ideas to public discussion, enhancing a sense of community identity.
  • Values a “user friendly" government in which governance practices and general operations consider how citizens will be served in the most responsive, effective, and courteous manner. 

    Human Resources Roles and Responsibilities

    • Ensure positive employee relations and administer benefits.
    • Conduct and deliver citywide training.
    • Administer classification and compensation management programs.
    • Develop administrative policies and related procedures to employment.
    • Recruit and retain highly qualified employees.
    • Coordinates American's with Disabilities Act responses
    • Administers the City's Risk Management Program

    Our Values

    • Community Identity and Pride
    • Focus on the Future
    • Open, Collaborative Government

    Our Employees

    We are a diverse group of professionals who bring a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge to the City. Our Key Value is Customer Service. The principles guiding our customer service philosophy are:
    "A community of opportunity where individuals and families can grow and play, and businesses will flourish and prosper."
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