Business Plan

The Business Plan links community priorities and the Council's budget goals with the current budget and the six-year financial forecast. 

Each City Department is actively involved in the annual update of the plan, identifying strategies and actions toward meeting these priorities and goals within current and future financial capacities and constraints. 

Departmental workload indicators and benchmarks are included for gauging success in meeting priorities and goals as well as fulfilling responsibiities for providing services to citizens.

The Business Plan also provides continuity from year to year, planning and tracking multi-year efforts as well as single occurrence, occasional and and day-to-day operations.

To review the current or past years' Business Plans, select from the links below:


      2014 Business Plan
      2013 Business Plan
      2012 Business Plan

     2011 Business Plan 




    2010 Business Plan


     2009 Business Plan


    2008 Business Plan

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