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(Front row, left to right):  Deputy Mayor Arne Woodard, Mayor Dean Grafos, Rod Higgins.  (Back row, left to right):  Bill Bates, Ben Wick, Chuck Hafner, Ed Pace.

Here are some tips to help you Connect with Your City Council

READ Mayor Dean Grafos 2014 State of the City address... 

Contact Councilmembers at

11707 E. Sprague Avenue, Suite 106
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
(509) 720-5106
FAX: (509) 688-0194
or click on the links below to e-mail individual Councilmembers:

Mayor Dean Grafos – (position 2)
Deputy Mayor Arne Woodard – (position 3) 
Rod Higgins – (position 1)
Ed Pace – (position 4)
Chuck Hafner – (position 5)
Ben Wick – (position 6) 
Bill Bates – (position 7)

Form of Government

The City of Spokane Valley, incorporated March 31, 2003,  is a non-charter code city and operates under a Council-Manager plan of government. It is governed under the optional municipal code of RCW Chapter 35A. Under this form of government, legislative authority is concentrated in the elected City Council, which hires a professional administrator to implement its policies. The executive branch is led by the City Manager. Read more in the Spokane Valley Governance Manual.


There are seven positions on the City Council, and all council positions are at-large positions. Councilmembers are generally elected to four-year terms, with elections held every two years. For continuity, position terms are staggered by two years so that all positions are not open for election at the same time.

City Council elections  
Councilmember profiles and terms of office 
Spokane County Elections Office

Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Biennially at the first meeting of the new council, the members choose a chair from among their fellow Council members. The chair of the council shall have the title of Mayor and will preside at meetings of the Council. The Mayor is a regular member of the City Council and as such has all the rights, privileges, and immunities of any other member of the Council. The Mayor is recognized as the head of the City for ceremonial purposes and by the governor for purposes of military law and has no regular administrative duties.
Also biennially at the first meeting of a new council, the members by majority vote, may designate a fellow Council member as Deputy Mayor to serve in the absence or temporary disability of the mayor.

Council Meetings

Regular meetings of the Council are held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. The second and fourth Tuesdays are generally the more formal meeting format which allows for general public comment; and the first, third and fifth Tuesdays are the study session, less formal format. Study Session formats do not have time allocated for general public comments; but if action items are included, comments are permitted after those specific action items. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held in the Council Chambers of City Hall, located at 11707 E. Sprague Avenue, Suite 101. All meetings are open to the public.

Here are some tips to help you Connect with Your City Council.

Agendas, including background materials, are generally available on the City's website by 5:00 pm the Friday before each meeting.

Video taped Council meetings air on Comcast Channel 14 at 6:00 p.m. on the Monday following the meeting. Live webcasts of City Council meetings are available on our SVTV WebChannel, where you can also view archived videotapes of other Council meetings.   

 Directions to City Hall

SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: Individuals planning to attend meetings who require special assistance to accommodate physical, hearing or other impairments may contact the City Clerk at 509-720-5102 as soon as possible so arrangements may be made.

Regional Representation

Spokane Valley Councilmembers and community members are involved in a number of area boards and committees to remain active in issues facing our region. If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact City Clerk Chris Bainbridge, (509) 720-5102, or

City Council Agendas/Minutes

For questions concerning council meetings, agendas, or council procedure, contact Chris Bainbridge, City Clerk, or call (509) 720-5102.

To contact the Mayor and/or Councilmembers, feel free to contact

Sue Passmore, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
11707 E. Sprague Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
(509) 720-5106
FAX: 688-0194

"A community of opportunity where individuals and families can grow and play, and businesses will flourish and prosper."
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