Spokane Valley City Hall, 11707 E. Sprague Avenue, Suite 106, Spokane Valley, WA  99206  509-921-1000  FAX 509-921-1008
Spokane Valley Fire Department (independent agency), 2120 N. Wilbur, Spokane Valley, WA 99206
Animal Control - SCRAPS, 6815 E. Trent, Spokane Valley, WA 99212.  509-477-2532
CenterPlace Regional Event Center, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Parks & Recreation, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Permit Center, 11703 E. Sprague Avenue, Suite B-3, Spokane Valley, WA 99206
Police Precinct, 12710 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Spokane Valley Senior Center, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Download a copy of our "Who Does It? A Guide to City Services" brochure here.

Animal Control/Pet Licensing - SCRAPS (Independent contracted agency)

Go to SCRAPS website 


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 509-720-5150 Cary Driskell  City Attorney
 509-720-5030 Erik Lamb  Deputy City Attorney
 509-720-5105 Susan Bullock  Administrative Assistant

City Council

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 509-720-5064 Dean Grafos - Mayor  Councilmember (position 2)
 509-720-5062 Arne Woodard - Deputy Mayor  Councilmember (position 3)
 509-720-5060 Bill Bates  Councilmember (position 7)
 509-720-5061 Chuck Hafner  Councilmember (position 5)
 509-720-5066 Rod Higgins   Councilmember (position 1)
 509-720-5065 Ed Pace  Councilmember (position 4)
 509-720-5063 Ben Wick  Councilmember (position 6)
 509-720-5106 Sue Passmore  Administrative Assistant - Executive

City Manager 

Go to City Manager web page

 509-720-5200 Mike Jackson  City Manager
 509-720-5102 Chris Bainbridge  City Clerk
 509-720-5101 Carrie Koudelka  Deputy City Clerk
 509-720-5108 Michelle Rasmussen  Administrative Assistant

Community Development

Go to Community Development web page

 509-720-5300 John Hohman  Community Development Director
 509-720-5301 Deanna Horton  Administrative Assistant
 509-720-5302 Dan Neyman  GIS Specialist

Community Development - Building Division/Permit Center

Go to Building Division/Permit Center web page

 509-720-5240 Permit Center  
 509-720-5305 Doug Powell  Building Official
 509-720-5316 Jenny Nickerson  Senior Plans Examiner
 509-720-5309 Tamara Faurot  Plans Examiner
 509-720-5317 Luis Garcia  Development Services Coordinator
 509-720-5333 Christina Janssen  Planner
 509-720-5026 Karen Kendall  Planner
 509-720-5306 Bob Bebout  Building Inspector
 509-720-5312 Jay Grissom  Building Inspector
 509-720-5313 Robert Guerry  Building Inspector
 509-720-5314 Bryan Happeny  Permit Facilitator
 509-720-5240 Heather Morris  Office Assistant
 509-720-5325 Mary Swank  Office Assistant

Community Development - Development Engineering Division

Go to Development Engineering Division web page

 509-720-5318 Gabe Gallinger  Senior Engineer Development
 509-720-5319 Henry Allen  Engineer
 509-720-5321 Gloria Mantz  Engineer
 509-720-5033 Chad Riggs  Assistant Engineer
 509-720-5324 John Johnson  Construction Inspector
 509-720-5025 Scott Wallace  Right of Way Inspector

Community Development - Planning and Zoning Division

Go to Planning & Zoning Division web page

 509-720-5310 Planning Counter  
 509-720-5335 Lori Barlow  Senior Planner
 509-720-5331 Mike Basinger
 Senior Planner
 509-720-5332 Micki Harnois  Planner
 509-720-5031 Marty Palaniuk  Planner
 509-720-5032 Bill Schultz  Code Enforcement Officer
 509-720-5303 Cari Hinshaw  Office Assistant

Finance Department

Go to Finance Department web page

 509-720-5043 Dan Duffey  Accounting Manager
 509-720-5042 Dan Domrese  Accountant/Budget Analyst
 509-720-5045 Raba Nimri  Accountant/Budget Analyst
 509-720-5027 Chelsie Taylor  Accountant/Budget Analyst
 509-720-5046 Saydee Wilson  Accountant/Budget Analyst
 509-720-5041 Sara Farr  Accounting Technician
 509-720-5044 Carly Gibson  Accounting Technician

Fire - Spokane Valley Fire Department (independent agency)

Go to Spokane Valley Fire Department website

 509-928-1700 Bryan Collins            Fire Chief
 9-1-1 Emergencies  

Human Resources

Go to Human Resources web page

 509-720-5111 John Whitehead  Human Resource Manager
 509-720-5251 Shelly Dehn  Human Resource Technician

Information Technology

 509-720-5050 Greg "Bing" Bingaman  IT Specialist
 509-720-5201 Phil Hermann  Database Administer
 509-720-5055 Bill Miller  IT Specialist
 509-720-5051 Philip Kole  Help Desk Technician

Operations & Administration Department

Go to Operations & Administration web page

 509-720-5100 Mark Calhoun  Deputy City Manager
 509-720-5411 Carolbelle Branch  Public Information Officer
 509-720-5104 Morgan Koudelka  Senior Administrative Analyst
 509-720-5107 John Pietro  Administrative Analyst
 509-720-5108 Michelle Rasmussen  Administrative Assistant
 509-720-5110 Christine Thompson  Office Assistant - Central Reception
 509-720-5112 Roxanne Crafton  Office Assistant - Central Reception

Parks & Recreation Department

Go to Parks & Recreation web page

 509-688-0300 CenterPlace Regional Event Center  
 509-926-1937 Spokane Valley Senior Center  (independent entity)
 509-720-5400 Mike Stone  Parks & Recreation Director
 509-720-5401 Patty Bischoff  Administrative Assistant
 509-720-5402 Carol Carter  Customer Relations/Facility Coordinator
 509-720-5406 Chris Dobbins  Maintenance Worker - Facilities
 509-720-5406 Brian Moat  Maintenance Worker - Facilities
 509-720-5407 Brandon Newbill  CenterPlace Administrative Assistant
 509-720-5408 Jennifer Papich  Recreation Coordinator
 509-720-5403 Karen Clark-Parson  Senior Center Coordinator

Police (Spokane County Sheriff's Office - Spokane Valley Precinct)

Go to Police Department web page

Precinct is located at 12710 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99216

 509-477-3331 Rick VanLeuven  Police Chief
 9-1-1 Emergencies   Crimes in progress
 509-456-2233 Crime Check  Non-Emergencies
 509-477-3300 Spokane Valley Precinct  
 877-314-1891 toll-free Alarm system registration
 509-477-3390 District Court  Traffic Tickets
 509-456-2233 Graffiti reporting   Call Crime Check
 509-477-3320 Property crimes investigation  
 509-625-4130 Property held/found  
 509-477-3350 Traffic  

Public Works

Go to Public Works home page

 509-720-5000 Eric Guth  Public Works Director
 509-720-5002 Shane Arlt  Public Works Superintendent
 509-720-5008 Deven Nickerson  Administrative Assistant - Public Works
 509-720-5014 Steve Worley  Senior Engineer - Capital Projects
 509-720-5001 Craig Aldworth  Senior Engineer - Project Manager
 509-720-5010 Ken Knutson  Senior Engineer - Project Manager
 509-720-5020 Jim Dingfield  Senior Engineer - Project Manger - Sullivan Road Bridge
 509-720-5012 Erica Amsden  Assistant Engineer - Capital Projects
 509-720-5013 Ryan Brodwater  Assistant Engineer - Development
 509-720-5004 Randy Budano  Engineering Technician - Capital Projects
 509-720-5007 Pete Fisch  Engineering Technician - Capital Projects
 509-720-5009 Marcy Holt  Engineering Technician - Capital Projects
 509-720-5003 Darla Arnold  Administrative Assistant - Capital Projects
 509-720-5011 Sean Messner  Senior Traffic Engineer
 509-720-5016 Ryan Kipp  Assistant Engineer - Traffic
 509-720-5018 Art Jenkins  Engineer - Stormwater
 509-720-5005 Aaron Clary  Engineering Technician - Stormwater
 509-720-5015 Brant Collier  Maintenance Inspector
 509-720-5006 Tom Danielson  Maintenance Inspector
 509-720-5035 Michael Bergan  Maintenance Construction Inspector
 509-720-5035 Dana Haugen  Maintenance Construction Inspector


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