Office of the City Attorney

The Office of the City Attorney is responsible for providing legal advice and support to the City Council and City employees, as well as prosecuting and defending all civil matters not assigned to outside counsel.  This office works extensively with all City staff providing timely advice to the City Council and staff on a full range of municipal issues. 

The office of the City Attorney is staffed with two attorneys, one administrative assistant, and from one to three legal interns.


Contact Us

Cary P. Driskell, City Attorney
(509) 720-5150


Erik J. Lamb, Deputy City Attorney
(509) 720-5030


Susan Bullock, Administrative Assistant
(509) 720-5105


Legal Advice  

The City Attorney represents the City government.  Neither the City Attorney nor the staff of the City Attorney's office can provide legal advice to citizens about private civil legal matters such as contracts, landlord/tenant disputes, boundary disputes with neighbors, or other similar matters.  The Spokane County Bar Association may be able to provide information or assistance in securing representation on private civil matters, and can be reached at 509-324-0144. 


Criminal Prosecutions

The City of Spokane Valley contracts with Spokane County for prosecution of criminal matters and public defense.  Felony cases are filed with the Superior Court Clerk's office.  Misdemeanors are filed with the District Court Clerk's office.  Links to their websites and phone numbers are provided below.

Prosecutor's office (509) 477-3662

Public Defender's office (509) 477-4246

Superior Court Clerk (509) 477-2211

District Court Clerk (509) 477-4770


Additional Links

Spokane County Bar Association 

Revised Code of Washington

Washington State Attorney General

Spokane Valley Municipal Code 


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