Street Maintenance

Welcome to the Street Maintenance Division. We are responsible for maintaining Spokane Valley's 439 miles of paved roadways in good condition, including repair and maintenance, and snowplowing and deicing. These 919 total lane miles of roadway are classified as follows:

Major arterials     136   lane miles           
Minor arterials     159             lane miles         
Valley floor locals     624             lane miles          

Repair work:                                                                                 

Asphalt repair work will cost an estimated $650,000 this year. The road segments affected by this work are:

Farr Rd and 6th Ave
Herald Rd - north of Main Ave
Main Ave - west of Skipworth Rd
Vercler Rd - north of Broadway Ave
8th Ave - west of Evergreen Rd
Dishman-Mica Rd - north of Thorpe Rd    
32nd Ave - west of Clinton Rd
Needham Dr - east of Sullivan Rd
4th Ave - west of Cannery Rd
4th Ave - east of Evergreen Rd
Cannery Rd - north of 4th Ave
Indiana Ave - west of Barker Rd
Euclid Ave - east of Tschirley Rd
Dalton Ave - east of Flora Rd
Dyer Rd - south of Broadway Ave
Sullivan Ave and Kiernan Rd
Best Rd - south of Sprague Ave
Adams Rd - north of Sprague Ave
Blake Rd - north of Sprague Ave
Conklin Rd - east of Vera Crest Ave
Pines Rd - 19th Ave to 16th Ave
23rd Ave - east of Vera Crest Ave
Steen Rd - east of Vera Crest Ave
Flora Rd - Euclid Ave to Trent Ave



Crack seal work is estimated to cost $100,000. The roads we anticipate crack sealing this year are:

Thierman Rd - 8th Ave to Appleway Ave
Mission Ave - Pines Rd to Evergreen Rd
Park Rd - Beverly Dr to 8th Ave
Par Rd - Broadway to Sharp
Vista Rd - Appleway Ave to Mission Ave
Mission Ave - Vista Rd to Argonne Rd
Argonne Rd - Valleyway Ave to Mission Ave
Mullan Rd - Sprague Ave to Mission Ave
8th Ave - Dishman-Mica Rd to Woodruff Rd
8th Ave - University Rd to McDonald Rd
24th Ave - University to Bowdish
24th Ave - Pines Rd to Vercler Rd
Dishman-Mica Rd - south of Thorpe Rd to Schafer Rd
Bowdish Rd - Sprague Ave to Mission Ave
McDonald Rd - 16th Ave to Sprague Ave
McDonald Rd - Sprague Ave to Mission Ave
Evergreen Rd - Sprague Ave to Mission Ave
Indiana Ave - Mirabeau to 500' east of Evergreen Ave
4th Ave - Pines Rd to Evergreen Rd
4th Ave - Sullivan Rd to Conklin Rd
Progress Rd - 4th Ave to Riverside Ave
Sprague Ave - Sullivan Rd to Appleway Ave
Rotchford Rd - 11th Ave to 4th Ave
Conklin Rd - 4th Ave to Sprague Ave
Broadway Ave - Sullivan Rd to Conklin Rd
Beverly Ave - Park Rd to Center Rd

Street Sweeping

The City hires a sweeping contractor to sweep public roadways for safety and to meet minimum State and Federal air and water quality requirements. A side benefit is aesthetics. In order to meet these requirements at the lowest possible cost, the City has developed Sweeping Action Plans. The City Sweeping Action plans cover three distinct types of sweeping, including the SpringSummer Arterial Maintenance and Fall sweep events.

Street Repair/Maintenance Requests

If you want to request street repair and/or maintenance, click here to complete a request online. Or call us at (509) 921-1000 and we will take your information and create a request for you.


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