The Stormwater Utility exists to maintain and improve City-owned drainage systems and natural drainage ways that flow in or through the City.  The City owns over 14,000 drainage structures that serve mainly the City-owned public road system.  Private property owners are responsible for the maintenance and care of their on-site drainage systems.  The State of Washington Department of Ecology and the U.S. EPA regulate all systems.

Most stormwater from City streets flows into systems that infiltrate into the ground.  Most of the Valley soils eventually infiltrate to the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie sole source Aquifer where more than 400,000 area residents get most of their drinking water. 

Stormwater Utility staff work to give the highest possible return on investments through the proper use of technology and ongoing system analysis, prioritizing needed projects large and small and improving routine maintenance efficiencies.  The Utility has 4.5 full-time employees and manages multiple construction and maintenance projects and contracts throughout the year.

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