2009 Hearing Examiner Decisions

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SUB-05-08 - Application for a preliminary plat in an R-3 zone. Divide 8.34 acres into 28 lots located on McDonald Rd between Wellesley and Sanson. Approved with conditions.

SUB-02-09 - Application for the Preliminary Plat of Crosby Family Land, In an R-3 zoning district. Applicant: Landworks Engineering, Inc.. Decision: Approve subject to conditions.

APP-08-08/SHP-16-08 - Affirmed the appeal in part and denied the appeal in part. The preliminary short plat may serve a maximum of one (1) dwelling off the existing 14-foot wide private driveway and easement extended off Best Road, without widening it; provided the driveway is signed and provided a turnaround as required by the County Road Standards; and provided the driveway meets the grading and stormwater requirements of the SVMC, except for the driveway width and turnaround specifications. The preliminary short plat is prohibited from serving more than one (1) dwelling unit off the existing 14-foot driveway and easement extended off Best Road.

SUB-04-08 - Approved preliminary plat; subject to the conditions of approval recommended for the application, and an additional requirement that the final plat substantially comply with the residential zone dimensional standards established for townhouses in the MF-2 District. The preliminary plat will expire on April 20, 2014, unless a request for an extension of time is submitted at least 30 days prior to such expiration date.

CUP-01-08 - Approved application, subject to conditions.

SUB-05A-05 - Approved application, subject to conditions of approval.

REZ-20-07/SUB-07-07 - Approved consolidation application, subject to conditions of approval. The preliminary plat will expire on March 10, 2014, unless a time extension is approved under Section 20.30.060 of the Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC). The underlying zoning of the site will remain R-2, under the SVMC.

APP-05-07 and BLA-36-07 - Administrative appeal of a decision issued by the City Department of Community Development - Planning Division, approving an application for a certificate of exemption for a 'public purpose segregation' under the City Interim Subdivision Ordinance.  Summary of Decision: Approved motion for reconsideration; and denied appeal, except to require revision of the title notice recorded for the certificate of exemption in certain respects Applicant: Robert Heitman.
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