Comprehensive Plan

The Spokane Valley Comprehensive Plan (SVCP) lays out a vision for the future of Spokane Valley during a 20-year period and responds to the requirements of the Growth Management Act (GMA) of 1990 and subsequent amendments. The SVCP is also consistent with and incorporates the Spokane County Countywide Planning Policies (CWPPs).  The Spokane Valley City Council and Planning Commission held a series of joint workshops in the spring of 2004. The objective of these joint workshops was to draft a Vision Statement for Spokane Valley which forms the basis of the Comprehensive Plan. The resulting Vision Statement is: Spokane Valley: “A community of opportunity where individuals and families can grow and play and businesses can flourish and prosper.”

The SVCP was adopted by the City Council on April 25, 2006. Revisions to the SVCP are reviewed once a year. Applications for revisions are always due on November 1st of the year and reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council the following spring. 

To view the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan click here

Public Participation:

The Washington State Growth Management Act requires that each city “establish and broadly disseminate to the public a public participation program…for early and continuous public participation in the development” of  the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  To view Spokane Valley’s adopted Public Participation Program click here.

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